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你试试把General里的Requires full screen勾上,再应用上你列的代码

打开项目属性,选择“General”选项,勾选红框标注的“Requires full screen” 分享 本回答由科学教育分类达人 田浩认证 其他类似问题...

The birth and death capability requires that the NROPT,FULL command be specified before the first SOLVE command and before the first EKILL command. Th...

INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS_FULL这个权限是API17加入的 高版本需要这个权限 http://www.tuicool.com/articles/Q7RjAr

full engagement in the movement called democracy requires 被称为“民主”运动的充分参与

Starcraft:brood war requires the full version of starcraft to be installed before installing brood war 那个意思就是 “安装”母巢之战”需要先完整...

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