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起火 英文

“着火”这个短语,翻译成英语: catch fire 或者be on fire

to catch fire; to be ablaze; to be aflame be on fire

发生火灾 翻译: Fire occurred

以及起火时应该做什么" 英文翻译 And what to do when fire "

厨房着火怎么办? 这些办法有用. 英语; What to do when the kitchen is on fire? These measures are useful.

“In case of a fire” "Three musts" 1. "You must" be familiar with your surroundings. 2. "You must" keep calm at all times. 3. "You must" keep yourself from breathing in the smoke. "Three escapes" 1. Using a fire escape to "escap...

1、开门之时,先用手背碰一下门把,如果门把烫手,或门隙有烟冒出来,切勿开门,用手背先碰是因金属门把传热比门框快,手背一感到热就会马上缩开 2、若门把不烫手,则可打开一道缝以观察可否出去,用脚抵住门下方,防止热气流把门冲开。如门外起...

难道是wonder girls的nobody?

表达一: What'd you do if your house catch on fire? 表达二: If your house is on fire,what would you do? 表达三: What should I do if...

这句话用there be 句型可以这样表达: There was a factory on fire yesterday.

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